Marion Township: Copper Creek Preserve Development

Overview: A local private developer has purchased an 89 acre parcel of land in Marion Township, Charlevoix County, for a proposed housing development for year-round workforce. The project is currently being considered by the Marion Township Planning Commission, which has hosted several meetings about the project in order to create a development both the Township and the developer can agree to. The project is up for another public meeting on October 24th, and is in need of support to ensure approval!

Call for Support:

This project will make an incredible impact in our area housing shortage. Additionally, it will be an ever-lasting gift for our community sustainability with most of the property being deed-restricted for year-round residency. The developer aims to create attainable housing with this development, understanding the financial gap the local workforce faces with area housing values. To do so, density within the development needs to be maintained. Fewer houses with larger lots creates a higher cost-per-home, while more units allows for construction and development costs to be shared further.

We need the Marion Township Planning Commission to approve the rezoning request for this property to move forward.

Project Details:

  • 80 Residential Units: 56 single family, 12 multi-family (duplex)
  • Majority of the Residential Units will be deed-restricted for year-round housing

  • Development will have a community well water supply and community septic field

  • 55 acres will become a nature preserve with trails for residents

  • Projected timeline for full development is 5 years

  • Additional acreage outside of Residential housing footprint and nature preserve will be used for storage unit and RV park developments