Charlevoix County Housing Needs Assessment:

  • Overall housing gap of 2,358 units through 2027
  • Rental Housing gap of 730 units, with the greatest gap for rents below $1,669
  • Rental vacancy is 0.3% (a healthy vacancy rate is between 5-8%)
  • For-Sale Housing gap of 1628 units, with greatest gap for pricing between $222,401-$333,600
The Housing Needs Assessment was produced in 2023 by Housing North in partnership with Bowen National Research. To view the full Assessment or complete County by County data, visit

Charlevoix County Housing Needs Assessment:

What's Needed

Attainable Housing

Charlevoix needs housing for our year-round residents and workforce, for varying income levels and family sizes. No single style or price point of housing is the ‘silver bullet’ to solve the housing needs, nor is one single style or price point the only one needed by Charlevoix residents, hopeful residents, and our year-round workforce. 

This type of housing could be single family homes, duplexes or triplexes, apartment buildings, manufactured home communities, or more. 

This means that any reasonable project that adds any attainable housing inventory will be beneficial. No single development will be able to accommodate every income level or household size, but adding inventory in any segment of housing will create movement within the market and inherently open inventory in other segments. 


Who's Involved

Public and Private Stakeholders

Solutions will come in varying forms and involve varying partners. Public entities and non-profits will be involved in some developments, while others may be completely private-sector driven. 

Governments and municipalities have an important role to play in the need for more housing. They must plan proactively for the future through zoning changes and infrastructure expansion (water, sewer, etc.), and be open and willing to see new housing opportunities for their residents. 


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