City of Charlevoix: Old Department of Public Works (DPW) Site

Overview: The City of Charlevoix recently relocated its DPW facility, demolishing its old buildings and creating a now-vacant parcel within the City. Under municipal ownership, the property presents various opportunities for the City to invest in making an impact on our housing crisis. The property has been studied by a contracted firm, Edgewater Design Group, which has been hired by the City for previous public-development opportunities such as Michigan Beach Park. Edgewater Design Group has hosted public input sessions and designed various options for future use of the property, and will be presenting their findings to the Charlevoix City Council this fall.

Call for Support:

This is an opportunity available only now, with the reuse of the parcel, for the City of Charlevoix to invest in housing. Municipalities have a greater ability to keep housing projects affordable given the many tools available only to public entities compared to private developers. Whether the City sells this property at market value to use the funding on other projects (to offset costs and maintain affordability), or puts the property out for a development bid for year-round attainable housing, we cannot let this opportunity pass without making any housing impact.

We need the Charlevoix City Council to approve a plan for this project that will create housing opportunities for year-round residents.

Project Details:

  • 3-acre vacant lot located on the corner of Stover Road and Ferry Road

  • Neighboring parcels include commercial and residential developments along with a public park

  • The lot has City utility connections (water, sewer, electric)

  • Housing Opportunities: Maintain City ownership of the parcel with a developer to create housing units; Sell the property at market value to use the funds for future housing projects or incentives within the City