Housing YES Charlevoix! is a housing advocacy group working to support better housing solutions for year-round residents in Charlevoix.

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Housing Occupancy

Statistics show that 40% of homes in Charlevoix are year-round residents. 

Middle-Income Impact

The research and statistics also show that this problem affects middle-income families as much as it does those in the lower-income bracket. 

Who We Are:

We are a diverse group, composed of business owners, elected officials and residents. 

We work to mobilize and educate the community to support projects that increase housing availability in Charlevoix— a problem that has persisted in the small northern city of 2,300 for more than a decade. 

Our Advocate Leaders

Luther Kurtz

Mayor of Charlevoix

Sarah Van Horn

Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce

Perry Irish Hodgson

Charlevoix business owner

Sherm Chamberlain

Former Planning Commissioner

Mike Hinkle

President of Charlevoix State Bank

Tom Kirinovic

President of Charlevoix Public Schools Board of Education

In The Media

Get Involved!

There are many different solutions to this housing crisis, and we concede that we don’t have all the answers. However, if this issue is not addressed now in our community, we will find ourselves even more severely impacted. As residents, business owners, elected officials and more, we can step up and take action collectively. Be part of the solution and get involved today!

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Support Housing YES through Housing North

As a partner with us, Housing North has agreed to serve as a fiduciary for our group, because it takes resources to do this work, including funding. If this crisis is not addressed now, and if we don’t step up and collectively work on solutions, we will find ourselves even more severely impacted. Join us in preserving the vitality and character of our community. Click on the “Donate Now” button. Want to be even more engaged, email us and explore other ways to be involved. On behalf of all of us, thank you!